Munsell Hue Test

My score was an 8 the first time I took it and a 4 the second. My job requires me to work with color on a daily basis, so I guess I'm doing good! :)

Take the Munsell Hue Test! Tell me your results!


Congrats to My Girl Whitney!

She's a surface pattern designer among tons of other arts and crafts. She recently found that Crabtree & Eveyln has packaged their new products in two of her designs!

Congrats to you, Whitney :)

Her Etsy shop here!

Here's her blog link!


Free Shipping until 10/31!!

I'm offering free shipping on tampon pouches in my shop from now until Halloween! This offer is for US and Canada only. See my Etsy shop for details!


I have another blog!

Like all ridiculously crazy pet owners.. We've created a blog for our family to watch the growth progress of our pup, Mesa, and her relationship with our older dog, Rex. There will also be extra special appearances by the cats... Lillith, Kittie, and Minus!

It's not much right now, but I just created it this morning. Please check it out and follow it!

The Rex and Mesa Blog

:) CarrieDee


We caved! Meet Our New Pup Mesa!

We added a puppy to our family a couple days ago. Darin fell in love with a Pomeranian at the pet store a while back and over time started convincing himself and me that we wanted a pom pup or a pom mix as a playmate for our awesome dog, Rex. We found a litter and got our little Mesa. She's a little young, 5 weeks currently. Her mother stopped wanting feeding them, but luckily she's eating puppy food. I give her a nice yummy mix of soaked puppy chow, pup formula, a little cesar puppy food, and vitamin gel. I wanted to make sure she was getting a good amount of nutrients. She's getting a puppy belly already, lol.

Anyway, she's a Poodle/Pomeranian mix. Her daddy's a pom & her mom a poodle. The parents are dear little things. So sweet and friendly! I'm hoping she inherits some of their good dogginess. We realize that pups away from their litters early have a disadvantage when it comes to learning to be dog and play. We've been doing our best to yelp and let her know when play is too rough.. also that biting people isn't appropriate.

Rex, our older dog, is really turning out to be an excellent role model. She's really became quite fond of him and he's so gentle with her! Rex is a 110lb st. bernard/rotty mix. He's massive compared to her. But he's a big, red teddy bear with her. Anytime she cries or barks, he checks on her. When he comes in from his walk or doing his business, her crate is the first thing he goes to when he enters the house. She tries to follow him around the house and lay with him. It's really cute.

She gets a little spunky every now and then. Her tail stands up and curls over, then she has to practice her barking and growling. Then 2 minutes later, dog is down. Crashed on the floor. Too funny.

We're really happy with our little family. Here's a little treat. She's taking down my camera to lick the crap out of it, haha. :)


Expiring Soon on Etsy!! Get them now!

Last minute grabs before they expire!

The listing states they're Easter cards, but this set of cards by KatyHolmes are just plain too cute to be exclusively for Easter!

Black Cherry Pendant by lullatik!

Weeping Willow Leaves Recycled Handbag by SallyAnnK



Priced reduced on most items in my store.. Making room for new items! CarrieDee on Etsy!

I work for a nonprofit, public access photography & imaging facility called Community Darkrooms here at Syracuse University. Community Darkrooms is a facility run by the Light Work gallery. My job here is pretty much as an assistant manager to the digital area. I help maintain our computer lab and answer any technical questions, but mainly I print big, big fine art prints. I run 3 Epson large format printers and have a steady stream of work to keep me busy. I also teach photoshop on the side.

So, anyway, we recently made some changes and sadly had to let our color processor and darkrooms go in order to accommodate our expanding digital lab. No more c-prints. :( But, we've left our b&w wet lab in place, but our color has moved digital. I'm pretty excited about the change.
Our print lab will be in a much more spacious, modern area. We're upgrading our printers, yay! We'll be state-of-the-art really soon, within the next week or two! Yesterday we had workers installing a brand-new hardwood maple flooring.. so we're almost there! I'll post more as renovation and moving in progresses!


It's been a long, long time! I've been so bad at updating my blog! Let's see, let's see... what's been up with me?

Gallerie SUZE posted a kickin post about my pouches in her blog back in February! She also showcased works by rennes-le-ch√Ęteau and Ruth's Crafts. Thanks Suze (sorry I'm a little late!) and nice work fellow Etsians!

Over the past couple years, I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with my friend, Whitney. You can view her etsy shop here! Whitney is recently graduated from Syracuse University and is one of the most creative people I know. Whitney's bio states:

"I am a surface pattern and graphic designer. My surface patterns have sold to companies such as: Kimberly Clark, Lane Bryant, Crabtree and Evelyn, Glen Raven, Mudlark, Sunbury, and Staples...".
Right now, her shop currently offers custom design work, custom iron-on decals and original art prints, but I'm fairly certain you will find more for she's always experimenting and reinventing! This shop is definitely work keeping an eye on! And, maybe a future CarrieDee & DesignsByWhitney endeavour in the future??! Wouldn't that be awesome!

On the homefront, I've been revamping my space. I'm trying to organize and develop new idea and such. I recently installed some shelving.. I'm so excited about the space they freed up! Like a chain-reaction, that got me thinking I needed some nice boxes to organize everything on the new shelves. So,I spent an afternoon covering shoe boxes with fabric! I think I'm addicted to covering boxes now, lol! Since then I've been looking around to see what I can cover next! (btw, I do still have these prints in stock!)