We caved! Meet Our New Pup Mesa!

We added a puppy to our family a couple days ago. Darin fell in love with a Pomeranian at the pet store a while back and over time started convincing himself and me that we wanted a pom pup or a pom mix as a playmate for our awesome dog, Rex. We found a litter and got our little Mesa. She's a little young, 5 weeks currently. Her mother stopped wanting feeding them, but luckily she's eating puppy food. I give her a nice yummy mix of soaked puppy chow, pup formula, a little cesar puppy food, and vitamin gel. I wanted to make sure she was getting a good amount of nutrients. She's getting a puppy belly already, lol.

Anyway, she's a Poodle/Pomeranian mix. Her daddy's a pom & her mom a poodle. The parents are dear little things. So sweet and friendly! I'm hoping she inherits some of their good dogginess. We realize that pups away from their litters early have a disadvantage when it comes to learning to be dog and play. We've been doing our best to yelp and let her know when play is too rough.. also that biting people isn't appropriate.

Rex, our older dog, is really turning out to be an excellent role model. She's really became quite fond of him and he's so gentle with her! Rex is a 110lb st. bernard/rotty mix. He's massive compared to her. But he's a big, red teddy bear with her. Anytime she cries or barks, he checks on her. When he comes in from his walk or doing his business, her crate is the first thing he goes to when he enters the house. She tries to follow him around the house and lay with him. It's really cute.

She gets a little spunky every now and then. Her tail stands up and curls over, then she has to practice her barking and growling. Then 2 minutes later, dog is down. Crashed on the floor. Too funny.

We're really happy with our little family. Here's a little treat. She's taking down my camera to lick the crap out of it, haha. :)


PussDaddy said...

Aww, she is adorable. And so is Rex. Oddly, one of my first boyfriends was named Rex. Rex King. That was his first and middle name. I won't put his last name. But to me it sounded like a dog name. Congrats on your new baby.


CarrieDee said...

Thank you! We are so happy with these two. She's really settling in too. Only woke us up once in the night which turned out she was just hungry. Rex was an adoption this past January. He was a stray and was very independent. He's grown leaps and bounds over the last 8 months. He's extremely attentive to us and her. Come to think of it, I don't think I've had to correct him in a couple months now. I'm rambling! Rex came with the name. The pound thought he was a local dog named Rex. He had began answering to it so i didn't want to confuse him and rename him.. I almost named him Marshall.

We also have 3 cats. I'll have to post pictures. I know you love cats, Pam :)

velvetwoods said...

Cute doggies ! I have one, a boxer.