I work for a nonprofit, public access photography & imaging facility called Community Darkrooms here at Syracuse University. Community Darkrooms is a facility run by the Light Work gallery. My job here is pretty much as an assistant manager to the digital area. I help maintain our computer lab and answer any technical questions, but mainly I print big, big fine art prints. I run 3 Epson large format printers and have a steady stream of work to keep me busy. I also teach photoshop on the side.

So, anyway, we recently made some changes and sadly had to let our color processor and darkrooms go in order to accommodate our expanding digital lab. No more c-prints. :( But, we've left our b&w wet lab in place, but our color has moved digital. I'm pretty excited about the change.
Our print lab will be in a much more spacious, modern area. We're upgrading our printers, yay! We'll be state-of-the-art really soon, within the next week or two! Yesterday we had workers installing a brand-new hardwood maple flooring.. so we're almost there! I'll post more as renovation and moving in progresses!

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