Back in Business, Yay!!!

Lots and lots of changes since the last time I blogged! I'll give a synopsis!

Due to complications with life, I moved back home with the parents a couple months ago. My sewing and crafting got completely disheveled! I only just recently put my sewing and crafting space together! Yay, I'm back! I have tons of new ideas and I've been developing patterns for a variety of different accessories and other little things (details soon to come!). I can't wait to get into designing clothing!

On a personal project level.. I got this awesome knitting book! I found it used on amazon for $11. That's a steal, it's a $30 book. And I'm making this trumpet skirt from it for myself in a wine red color. I can't wait until it's finished!

So.. here are my newest additions to my Etsy shop!

Blog more soon!

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PussDaddy said...

I like that skirt! Post pics when you finish it. Although if you do stuff as fast as I do I will probably be dead by then. :-)