I finally listed the upcycled terry cloth tote bag. It turned out pretty cute! I like it, and hopefully somebody else does too.

I went through a bunch of beads and listed them as supplies too. I need to get rid of more supplies. I have too many things!

I got the tampon pouches all ready to go for the auction! Exciting. I'll be shipping them off on Monday.

And, I cleaned up my sewing corner in the attic today. It's a rather nice little corner now. I put up curtains and pictures :) I like it.

That's about it. I've got some embroidery work to do before bed.

Yes, it's 2am and No... I never stop.


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PussDaddy said...

The tote looks really nice. I love all those flower beads and things, don't you? I bought a bunch although I have never done a damn thing with them.